Visiting Gardens and Accessibility


I have just come across a website about visiting gardens and accessibility. They have a directory whereby visitors can comment on accessibility as a guide for others. They are looking to expand the directory too. I think this is a brilliant idea as one thing you do have to do when you are out and about is to prepare. We have found is that an able bodied persons idea of ‘not far’ might not be our own.

Its free and is run by a lady who is a garden designer who now has physical restrictions.

If anyone is interested just google Accessible Gardens.

The other thing that I have been doing recently is contacting owners beforehand to ask about accessibility. It has been really useful and has provided things like key codes to open gates so that we can continue on a circular walk with the mobility scooter.

A very interesting thread Bonnie 1, in the past I have had various debates about paths along the side of canels etc, that are ideal for the disabled but are out of reach because of locked gates, unsuitable stiles etc which prevents wheelchairs, scooters and prams from accessinng them.

We have friends who are interested in gardens and have tried to join them but all too often even the ‘accessible’ gardens have prooved unsuitable so I end up having to retreat and sit waiting for them in the cafe or car-park.


Some of the ‘stately homes and grounds’ have scooters to hire. Many of them have Trampers.

And there is the Countryside Mobility Scheme which provides easy access to several sites in Gloucestershire- Somerset-Dorset-Devon and Cornwall. tel 01392-456522 - You need to be a member - and you can hire a Tramper from any of their sites for just £2.50 per hour.