very strange symptom

for the last few months ive had a very strange symptom the middle finger on my left hand has a strange reaction if I breathe on it , signal travel right up my inner arm, if i wash my inner arm signals go haywire, its a very odd feeling

Hi Lally,

I don’t think there’s anything particularly significant to be read into this.

Just another weird and wonderful sign that there’s “something neurological” going on.

I have occasionally found my MS causes weirdly increased sensation, as well as loss of sensation.

For example, during recovery from my last relapse, I went through a phase where, if spraying my feet with foot-spray (aerosol can), it was as if I could feel every individual droplet landing on my feet. I’m sure some people pay good money for mind-altering drugs, to get a sensation like this!

It didn’t hurt, but instead of just the normal: “Bzzzzz!”, and your feet feel wet, it was like thousands of tiny individual points of wetness. Which of course, is exactly what a spray mist is - only usually, I can’t feel it in that much detail - but for a while, I could.

Sounds very similar to you getting a disproportionate reaction to the gentle stimulus of breathing on a finger!