Had anyone got any thoughts on this as I’m right confused!!! Very briefly, MRI 2007 stated clinically isolated syndrome with scan showing CNS demyelination MRI 2013 stated multiple T2 and flare hyper-intensities in the white matter and that demyelination should be considered within the differential diagnosis MRI march 2013. Nothing showed and put down to anxiety and mild hyperventilation on a sensitised brain, often seen with people suffering from mild to severe migraine I don’t have migraines but I do get stressed a lot with my job!! If anyone has had similar or could explain this to me, please get in touch!! Many thanks

Should that middle scan be 2013? The first thing I would suggest if the latest scan is radically different to previous ones taken at a decent interval is that they have mixed the scans up. It’s not exactly a common mistake, but definitely possible. If your GP won’t help, get copies of your scan on CD and compare images taken from the same direction across the years: the folds in an adult brain can change a bit over the years, but not that much in the timescale you’re talking about. You should be able to see if they match. If they don’t match, then the radiographer mucked up and mixed up names. (Remember that your head may have been at a slightly different angle each time so you have to compare neighbouring images too.) Getting copies will also allow you to check if the radiologist has mucked up by using someone else’s images: look for the previous lesions on the T2 & FLAIR scans and then see if they are there on the latest ones. (Look for the same place in the brain, not the same image number; they rarely match.) The other more simple explanation is that the neuro looked at the wrong report/file. Getting a copy of your radiology report will check that out. It is possible for lesions to disappear on MRI, but it is unlikely when you had lesions on the first two scans. If you get a copy of your MRI, but struggle to compare the images, let me know - I’ll help. Karen x

Hi Karen Thank you for that and your kind offer of help. Yes the second scan was 2013, I will go and see what I can find out!! Thanks again Maisiemoo