VEP results

Hi everyone,

I know you’re not neurologists etc, but I just received my VEP results in the post and don’t even have my next neurologist appointment booked in yet (following spinal MRI and LP etc) so I thought I would ask here.

Anyway, I was told on the day that my VEP was normal, despite having blurry vision in my right eye for the last 6 months (I know it’s not classic ON). But today on the report I can see that whilst my latency scores are fine (very slightly worse in my bad eye), the amplitude scores are really low! Only 4.2 in my bad eye (7.5 in my good eye). I know this isn’t really what MS looks like on a VEP but does anyone know anything else that it might signify or might cause this?

As background I have 2 brain lesions that are ‘suspicious for ms’ alongside more general ‘non specific white matter’ changes, and some changes to sensitivities on the physical tests down my right side. I am 40.

Thanks in advance

Sorry but I know nothing about VEP tests but I see that results can be affected by various things