Veps abnormal.

Hi, Wonder if you could advise me? I’m undiagnosed from an attack 15 months ago. At the time when they were doing all the testing I was told by my doctor that the veps were abnormal but I dont know how or to what extent. Am I wondering because of this could this maybe explain why I think there may be some issues with my right eye. I see like a film in front of it sometimes which a line moving up and down & sometimes a dark shadow going over it when looking at a computer screen. Also just recently I think I have noticed what is referred to as ghosting, I see the top of a piece of writing or a number above the true image. What I’m basically saying could abnormal veps cause things with my eye or eyes? Thank you for any responses.

VEPs measure the signal between the eyes and the brain.

If there is something wrong with our vision, the VEPs will usually come out as abnormal. Exactly how the VEP is abnormal suggests different conditions. For example, demyelination (one of the things that happens in MS, where the myelin that coats nerves is damaged) usually causes a slower signal, but with a normal strength. That’s because myelin’s job is to speed up signals: take it away and the signal goes slow. On the other hand, a weaker signal at normal speed (the opposite to demyelination) can suggest a vascular cause.

If you’ve got new visual symptoms, then it would be sensible to see an ophthalmologist - your GP can refer you. (It would be sensible to see an optician too though - it might be something “normal”.)

Karen x