please help

Hi I am goring some one can help. My partner saw his consultant on the 15 may who told us what the previous consultant said that is ms and refereed us to a ms doc for medication,he never mentioned about the vep test my partner had 6 weeks before or his lumber puncture 3 weeks before the apt. Today we get a copy of the letter from the doc that done the vep to my partner gp,it basicly says that on review of the vep it shows inter eye latency differences at upper limit with relatively delay in the right eye,and my partner will be seen by consultant on 15 may. But the consultant never mentioned anything. I have gongled this but it all doctors talk. Any help would be great to help us understands what this means. Thanks

All it means is that your husband’s right eye is sending signals to the brain slower than the left eye. In MS, this normally means that there is damage to the right optic nerve.

Abnormal latencies (how quick the signal sets off from the eye) are common in MS and nothing to worry about.

Karen x