VAT question

I’m thinking of my kitchen floor replaced with something more level & less trip hazards, does anyone know if I can reclaim any VAT on the materials?

If YES - any idea how?

If NO - bother

I will start to look at Google, but I thought someone here might know.



Hello Mick

I think the answer is a big fat no. Have a look at Anything that is not specifically designed for use by the disabled (ie fit for both able bodied and the disabled) is not zero rated.

But, you can try - if it’s a specialist company (ie a flooring co) installing the floor, ask them & see what they say. Some companies will give it a go. For example, when my kitchen was installed, the company zero rated a few things, like the oven. No, it wasn’t designed for the disabled, but it was chosen and installed in such a place that I could use it. (I can’t anymore, but this was 12 years ago!). Actually my wet room flooring was zero rated too - from a different company.
So it depends on the company. If they stick rigidly to the letter of the law/government guidance, then they’ll say no. But if prepared to give it a go, they’ll say yes. After all, it costs them nothing.

If the answer is yes, they’d either have a standard form or there’s somewhere I found a form (can’t remember where now, but it can’t be hard to find if I found it!)


Hi Sue,

Thanks for the response, that is pretty much what I thought. (BOTHER) I will try some Googling and speak with the supplier.

OR I could just keep tripping , end up in A & E and then ask if VAT relief might not have been cheaper. Mick