Vat free work to the house

Hi, we are planning a house extension, to give me, a downstairs bedroom and wet room, utility room and a bigger open plan kitchen, dinner, living area. I know that, if an adaptation is taking place to help a disabled person, it can be vat free, and I have read what it says on the direct gov website about this but wondered if anyone has any experience of doing this. I do have an architect working for me, but he just quoted the direct gov website and I wondered if anyone knew, in practice, exactly what qualified. Thanks Cheryl:)

You can get VAT relief on the materials needed as long as you can prove the space will ONLY be used by the disabledd person. This may cover your bedroom and wet room but not any of the other areas.


another thing you can do once all the work is done put an application in for a decrease your council tax as its things done for a disabled person, I did this the very week all the work was done I’ve got vertical lift and wetroom, I think you get on to a lower tax band that you are on at present,as we are already on band A its dropped from 1000 pounds to 800 pound an year, I aint got no pound sign only $ I aint going dotty lol.