UTI every six weeks

6 years ago I had a Tension Tape fitted to hold my bladder up due to urine leakage. 4 years ago I became bladder incontinent and had uti’s a lot. I was prescribed a small daily dose of anti biotic Nitrofurantoin that I still take each day.

In February this year, I had a severe and painful uti, I sat in a warm bath for hours to get some comfort and I could clearly see red blood. I rang my gp who prescribed a week course of Trimethoprim. The uti cleared in 5 days, I resumed Nitrofurantoin, 4 weeks later, another uti with blood happened again. Back to 7 days Trimethoprim, then Nitrofurantoin.

Its been a regular routine of an infection, with blood every 5 or 6 weeks ever since. Can anyone offer any info, advice or had this type of regular uti problem?

Around Sept/Oct the Urologist will fit me with a Supra Pubic Catheter.

Chrissie x

oooh, that does sound nasty hun.

I`ve only ever had 2 or maybe 3 utis…but I do drink a lot of tap water and I take a cranberry tablet daily, as they say it helps keep the bladder clean.

Folk hereabouts use D_Manoose for the same reason.

I have an spc…4 years and life is tons better with it.


Thanks Polls, I think you & I have spoken about the benefits of a SPC. I hope it will mean the end of these very regular uti’s. My limited understanding is that the SPC ensures the bladder is always empty and greatly lowers risks of a uti.

I drink at least 2 ltrs of either Aloe Vera juice or Blackcurrant cordial daily. Cranberry tablets on the shopping list (don’t like to drink it yeugh).

Chrissie x