Using a ceiling hoist for standing

Does anyone use ceiling hoist to stand or do gait training & if so which sling do you use. I do not have massive amount of strength in my legs now due to a couple of hospitalisations where the hospital never got me out of bed & I have been unable to walk for a couple of years since I broke my ankle. Prior to that was walking a bit using a FES but that doesn’t work now. Physio would like to do some standing exercises with me using the ceiling hoist so if anyone can help, would be appreciated.

Guldmann is worth a read for its prefessional-grade products though I don’t know how affordable they are.

Have a look on Living Made Easy. Got to the section on and scroll down to <Standing, Transfering & Positioning>. It is run by a charity and so can be relied on for impartial advice. They don’t sell or get commission for items sold though their site.

This Trainer sling is £302, to which you will need to add the ceiling mount. It is really designed for bariatric care systems which can be rails but start with a single mount.

I’ve done a bit of research as this could be on my list in a few months too.

Thank you so much. I will have a look at this. Guldman was the one I found but like you cant find a price for it.