Urine infection?

Hi all hope you are all as good as can be.

My poor 83 year old Dad had a fall last night in the street, flat on his face and he was taken in ti hospital and I was told that he has a urine infection and the Drs etc. say it could be part of the cause of the fall.

I had no idea that this infection could cause so many problems as thankfully I do not suffer from them (touch wood)

Have any of you suffered any odd effects from this? I hope you don’t mind me asking?

Jaycie x

Hi Jaycie

Many of us can have problems with urine infections, and yes, they can cause problems for us (other than just needing to pee more!). It gets the immune system going, which can cause many MS symptoms to get worse. I’d always have much weaker legs when I get one, so I want to get it treated straight away. Has your dad got MS then? General tips for bladder health are to drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeine or sweeteners as much as possible. Cranberry is meant to be good too, but take pills rather than the drink, as they’re stronger & a fraction of the price.

Hope your dad recovers quickly.


my mother in law was about 80 yrs old and the family wanted her tested for dementia but it turned out to be urine infection.

i avoid them because as dan says it messes with your ms.

hope your dad gets well soon

carole x

I have really bad ones, they can give me temperatures. I do know they can be harder on men or elderly so yes i can i expect he may have fell dizzy and dehydrated…a lot of people with urine infections pass more times but drink less…

Exactly Dan, you say it spot on.

I have them all the time i take one antibiotic every night to try and stave them off. I had a really bad one just after xmas day and was seen emergency it was one of my worse and even made me throw up i have never done that before.

A lot of people with urine infections go the opposite they drink less thinking thats the best thing which is the worse thing to do…i drink water all the time and yes cranberry TABLET every day lol…actually celery seed is good too.x

Hi Jaycie hope your dad gets better quickly poor man, must have been really scary for him. xx

As pointed out - urine infections are to be taken seriously. They can make you delirious. l have known people think they are seeing things that are not there. A nurse in a care home - told me that she has known patients being diagnosed as having dementia when all the time it was uti’s.

So yes, drink plenty of water. Just eating celery can be helpful - especially for men with prostate symptoms. Shall look out for celery seed. Apple cider vinegar - a tablespoon with a teaspoon of honey topped up with hot or cold water is a good drink to help your bladder. lt is alkaline - corrects the ph - also helps with arthritis.

The more you can do to help keep your bladder - soothed - so that you do not have to resort to anti-biotics everytime. D-Mannose is very helpful it is the concentrated form of the part of cranberry that helps keep your bladder wall healthy.

Coffee/tea/chocolate/cola all contain caffeine. This does aggravate the bladder - so do drink a glass of water with every cuppa. Redbush tea is naturally caffeine free and is now my favourite tipple.