Urinary retention

Just as I was starting to slowly come to terms with things it’s gotten worse! Last few days I have had problems with not fully emptying my bladder and needing to go again 20 mins later. This morning I can only produce a trickle of urine with great effort. I can feel I need to pee and its quite uncomfortable. I’ve been in and out 3 times trying to empty my bladder but no such luck. Waiting for my drs to open at 8am and going to ask to be seen immediately. The net says to go to a&e if acute retention but it would take me longer to get there, plus I’m not confident in driving to the hospital. Maybe this will make them finally realise something is going on :frowning:

hi kit

you need to be seen by a nurse from the bladder and bowel clinic.

you can self refer if you cant get seen by your gp.

they’ll probably get you self catheterising and will keep an eye on things so that you dont get a UTI

i self cath twice a day and usually get 400 mls in the morning and 100 in the evening.

don’t worry - its not as bad as it sounds

i also take a maintenance dose of trimethoprim to keep UTIs at bay.

carole x

Off to hospital I go. Catheterised me and got 900mls. Neuro exam shows massive deterioration. Gp wants me admitting x

Fortunately this sympton has not affected me for sometime. The pain of an overfull bladder was terrible and I self cathertised for about 6 months which was really hard because my fingers are numb and coordination is s**t.

I still reatin urine but its not too bad and I am only up twice in the night.

If you can remain relaxed and not beat yourself up too much it will help. I hope things go well in hospital.

Crikey…900 mls!!! I didnt know a bladder could hold so much. Poor you, it must`ve been agony.

Perhaps it would be better to learn how to self catheterise.

I was having severe retention but didnt know it and my bladder was chronically inflameds. I had a 6 month long uti as well.

Got my spc fitted almost a month ago.

Not advocating everyone else has one, but hope you fare better soon.

luv Pollx

There’s a bed shortage. Trying to get me to go home and come back at 11.00 for MRI and physio review. Sounds like he thinks its psychosomatic. I’m so sick of people not listening to me. Have managed to pee since being here although it takes ages to get started x

So my mum text me this morning to say everyone thinks its all in my head and that it can’t be ms cos I went downhill so quickly. Just what you need when you’re in hospital and struggling to walk and heading for another catheterisation. Got my MRI at 11. Feeling so low this morning :frowning:

Chin up. thinking of you. Hopefully you will get some answers now.

Thanks Dinks. So hard to stay positive when your own family don’t believe there’s anything wrong x

Best wishes from me too. Your mum couldve been a bit more mum-like` eh?


I’ve just been down that road too, my gp sent me to a urologist who told me to cut out caffeine (I love tea), fizzy drinks and undiluted fruit juice. That has helped a lot. I was also sent for tests where they had to empty my bladder which has stretched so much I had 1200mls in. They didn’t even wait for me to go back to urologist but sent me to the continence nurse who taught me to self catheterise, It’s wonderful. Not even a week on I can go out when I want to (when rest of body lets me) but my life has improved so much as I can go to bed when I want to, not having to wait to wee first. It’s not difficult but so effective and I have 24 hour help at the end of the phone, everything’s delivered to my door. Help is available. As was mentioned before you might even be able to self refer. It’s apparently really common in ms.

Hope you get relief, it’s awful to live with and the longer you leave it, the more your bladder stretches. I was too embarrassed to mention it for too long.

Min x

They are doing a bladder scan cos I’m passing less and less again. Quite uncomfortable again. I’d quite happily learn if needs be. Can’t be any worse than self injecting! X

Hi, Ill be interested to read what they find. Summats got to be done to make life better for you.


You and me both poll x

Bladder scanner was only picking up 124mls so they wanted me to try to pee again. I didn’t believe it and funnily enough I managed to pee more than that just on my own. They’re just observing it x

Hi, when I had a test for retention after a wee, there was 325mls!!! Apparently anything over 150mls is cause for concern.

Your`s may only be 124 now, but look how much you have held onto.


Me again.

Have they said/done owt re your recurrent kidney infections?


No cos they always hit me out of hours and they keep forgetting to send a sample. The gp wanted to put me on prophylactic (took bloody ages to think of that word!) trimethoprim but the pct guidelines say it has to be cleared by a nephrology consultant and of course the dipstick results are on the system but no sample! So until I get another and send a sample they won’t do anything for me x

hi kit ask your gp if you could have a maintenance dose of trimethoprim

i add one UTI after another until a friend with ms told me to try it.

i havent had a UTI since

carole x

Hi pigpen. I asked the gp months ago and they won’t prescribe x