Urinary Incontinence - How can I tell, should I worry?

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) around 18 months ago.

I have luckily had no clear cut symptoms showing a relapse/possible MS since and I seem to have recovered well.

However I now think I am having signs of urinary incontinence. I release urine when I blow my nose, sneeze and when I laugh, only small amounts. This has lasted around 2-3 weeks

If this considered to be urinary incontinence?

I am only 29 years old and have never been through childbirth so to me this should not be happening.

When I had my episode of (CIS) I think I suffered from urinary hesitancy, even though I needed to empty my bladder it took me a long time a huge effort to do so. This lasted for about 2 weeks then cleared up. At the time I dismissed it as part of a bladder infection I was being treated for, as this was one of my first symptoms, a lot more came later and by the time I was in hospital, I had forgotten all about this bladder problem.

Could this just be related to an old problem?

Basically has anyone else had anything similar?

Should I worry as I appear to have no other symptoms (apart from fatigue which is nothing new)?

I am working abroad right now, so it is not so easy to pop into my GP to clear these answers up, so any help or advice, and answers to my questions would be great.


I was thinking about you asking your GP until you wrote, “I am working abroad right now, so it is not so easy to pop into my GP”.

The immediate problems sounds like the urinary incontinence. So if it becomes worth going to a doctor where you are, then, it does so. As with any other immediate problem.

Bladder problems can be caused by MS but it could an infection etc. Following up on the CIS side of things is, I guess, not urgent in itself seeing how long these things take in the UK so perhaps leave that until you return. But better if its months rather than years though I would think. How is the health care where you are?

Thanks for the reply.

Healthcare is terrible in general they only have one MRI machine in the whole country and if I were to get a serious illness I would just be advised to go to a neighboring country with better healthcare.

You can get good/OK health care it is just expenisve. I have insurenace but it is mainly starts covering if the problem goes over $500, so it is comprehensive but is catered more for emergency, or can reclaim when it ends (not for another 6 months)

I just wanted to get a few opinions before heading to the GP here, it is very easy to second guess yourself when the syptoms are new or subtile, and not sure if what I have in urinary incontince or not.

Health comes first though, so if I notice anyting worsen or other syptoms I will go to the GP.

Living abroad you realize, as much as the NHS has faults it is amazing that in the UK you are able just to pop into a doctocrs and not worry about how much the bill will be at the end!