I have had my mri, bloods done and have an app for results middle of sept , Today i have recieved a letter from a locum neuro explaining what was said in my last appointment , If i got the impression they wernt listening at the appointment i know for sure now that they wasnt . It seems they wasnt listening saying i have episodes for a few days then it disapears and also i cannot be specfic about dates , the only date i can be specific about was 2000 with possible right sided droop , it says i deny any L’Hermitte’s or Uhthoff’s phenomena , how can i deny it i don t know what it is . I feel i have gone with my list and explained myself and its like they left and went out of room and came back at the end (and missed totally what i was saying or explaining ).

I will put some of the letter on here and see if you can get what they are saying .

On examination my right pupil was 3mm and her left 2mm . There was a slight right relative afferent pupilary defect . visual acuity in left eye was 6/6 and right eye 6/6-2, I have normal ischiara plates . fundoscopy was unremarkable , i have full range of movement in eye , cranial nerves are intact , no prorator drift , tone ,power and reflexes are fine in upper and lower limbs , decreased sensation to pinprick in right hand over the palmar and dorsal aspect in a non -specific manner , coordination was intact .

they put

I have explained today that it is very reassuring that her previous scand were normal and that her examination is relatively normal . She is aware that they most likely differential is a relapsing/remitting disorder is Multiple Sclerosis as she has been informed in the past . However the scans that she had in the past probably exclude that as a diagnoses considering they were normal .We explored the possiblilty that anxiety and sometimes low mood can contribute to her symptoms . I explained that they is a possiblilty that her symptoms may have no structural cause and may benefit from being manaaged differently . ( this i feels makes me sound like they think it’s all in my head) They have requested bloods and my mri which i have had done . And they are also requesting VEP 's to exclude any evidence of optic neuropathy ( which they didnt say at appointment ).

Sorry if iam rambling but i can t seem to understand what they are saying i honest feel like iam back to square one .

Am i right to think that ? any replies would be much appreciated .

Thank you x

Hi, mmm, very diffficult to fathom indeed hun!

having read your reports, I can see how you are confused.

But the clearest thing to me, is the fact that further tests have been carried out, so it isnt a clear cut case of them dismissing your symptoms as totally in your head.

Perhaps a visit to your GP would be useful. hopefully he/she will be able to interpret the reports.

Sorry I cant be more helpful than this.

I had years of appointments with many neuros, as no-one could work out was was wrong with me. But last year I was told i defo do not have MS after it was highly suspected and I had a 95% diagnosis for some of the time.

No wonder we are suffering anxiety with all this carry on, eh?