Hey all Been finally back to see neuro on Friday who at last agrees its not ischaemic and it is something else. They have done yet another screen of bloods for lupus etc which I had done last year by other consultant BUT they want another MRI to compare with first one!!! Finally someone listened to me and now I just have to wait for MRI. Seeing consultant in 4 months to check back with me but so very pleased its not ischaemic…am I mad?? Lol At the very least I can discontinue the warfarin and although I will still be up and down with symptoms, I don’t have a label which just didn’t fit!! Xxx PS Rizzo thanks again for the ongoing support and advice re last MRI. Regards Kate X

Glad you feel that someone is finally listening and that you are getting somewhere. Teresa xx

That’s really brilliant news Kate - SO glad that someone is listening

Karen x