Had my mri today

Finally had my mri done. Really hoping something shows up this time. It was a new machine (3x better) so I’m feeling quite hopeful. It was done without contrast but my attack started 6 months back this time around and the ones before that were over a year ago so I guess they’d show up without as not so recent. I’ve had a probable and most likeliest diagnosis for nearly 2 years now so it would be great to turn that in to a firm diagnosis. I just have to get the lupus anticoagulant blood test redone now though because I had a weak positive on that. I was told once the results were back from the mri I should be referred for physio to help my legs. Not being able to walk like I use to has been getting to me a bit. I rarely leave the house and I’ve separated from my husband who was my means of transport so it’s been quite difficult. I’m staying positive though :slight_smile:


Where did you have the MRI done please? Just wondered as I had one done with a 1T machine and nothing showed up. Am currently trapped in the house as I am divorced and now have bowel incontinence and refuse to go back to work until its sorted but doctors and consultant are playing tennis with me, back and forth, back and forth. I hate being stuck in, I go stir crazy! I have been prescribed baclofen though for my legs and it seems to be helping.

Hope you finally get your results - it would be nice to close the limboland chapter, wouldn’t it!

Dianne x

I had mine done at my nearest hospital (Medway Maritime.) It’s a brand new machine and the previous scan was 1T done nearly 2 years ago and was told it looked normal but the images of spine weren’t clear so it was inconclusive. I was prescribed baclofen but I’ve stopped taking it. I’m going to get an appointment and see if there is anything else they can prescribe. My neurologist didn’t have my notes and failed to see I had a history of depression and I started having some pretty bad moodswings and morbid thoughts on them. My muscle twitching and shaking was worse too plus I was finding getting up with my 6 month old hard. I’m really hoping to get the physio though.

Hope you get what you want this time utterchaos.

I am due to have my very first MRI next month and am not looking forward to going into that tunnel as I don’t really like small/enclosed spaces. I don’t think I am claustrophobic and I think many people don’t like tight, cramped spaces. it’s just worrying me a lttle. I’d rather have a lumbar puncture than lay inside a noisy tunnel! I am coming to the end of my firs ‘episode’ so I don’t know if they will ses contrast or not and whether anything will even show up. I alos don’t know if I want anythng to show up! It’s all a bit new and scary to me right now.

How was the MRI for you?

I’m really sorry to hear about your split with your husband. I am going through divorce too but my symptoms have happened since we split. I am convinced the stress has triggered it though as my (almost ex) husband has been a real pig over it all :frowning:

Best wishes to you.