lorraine m

hi, this is my first post. i have no dx yet been through the mri, lp and ept tests and waiting for results. reading other posts i know i am not alone in feeling scared, frustrated and generally worried sick! my balance and walking is now so bad i have to use elbow crutches and have been off work since april. my husband has been fantastic looking after me, and i try to do as much as i can. i dont feel safe going out on my own and do feel stir crazy at times!!! my symptoms get worse after every relapse [ 5 in 18 months] and at the moment the “wasp” in my foot is going crazy. it would be great to be able to talk to others who understand what im going through. love lorraine

Hi Lorraine,

I am the same, My wife has been very supportive only we run our own business so I have no choice not to work, but on the plus side a laptop can always be brought up to me.

Like you I have started using a walking stick only im 26 and if im honest i feel very self concious of people staring and feel like they are talking my friends are fine, I grouped them together at a BBQ and told them. I have had 2 MRIs and a LP, I have a EEG VER and an EMG next month. My legs are like jelly, they violently twitch now which is new and I keep forgetting things this is also new. Normally my memory is great but I will stand for 5 minutes in the kitchen and walk out with a coffee when really I went in to get something else.

You are not alone and we all have simular things, But we shall waitand see, I wish you luck and we are all hear. You are certainly not a lone.


Hi Lorraine, and welcome to the site

I think a lot of us found this place when we were going stir crazy at home with all sorts of weird symptoms, so we really do understand!

I hope your wait for the results isn’t too much longer. Hang in there!

Karen x

Hi Lorraine, there are many of us still awating a diagnosis. It can feel quite lonely at times. But hopefully your dx will come soon. Then if your type of MS has drugs to slow relapses, your neuro should prescribe them.

Good luck

luv POllx