Mri results

My second MRI came back clear so I'm feeling pretty upset. To me this was the worse news possible. I have had abnomal neurological examinations twice (babinski sign, decreased sensitivity to temperature in legs, brisk reflexes, stiffness and spasms) and told it was most likely to be m.s because of my history and course of my symptoms so now I don't know what to do. I refuse to have a lumbar puncture (I'm terrified of needles to the point I've been having panic attacks at the thought of an l.p) Both mri's were done without contrast though so perhaps I may be able to get the courage up to ask about it being repeated with. Also I did have my blood results come back with a weak positive for the lupus anticoagulant test which is being repeated. I can't find much information about it but from what I could find it shows up with lupus, auto immune conditions and cancers. I really just want some help with my mobility and something to help with the pain but I just feel like giving up with the whole pursuit for a diagnosis. I'm just too stressed with the whole thing and I've got two small children, a divorce to go through plus worries about my son having autism going on as well.

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this with little satisfaction at the end of it. I too am going through divorce, have two sons, one has ADHD. 

It can be tough, especially when you have more external stress factors. 

Is there any way you can get through a LP? Maybe you could use a therapy or sedative to help you get through it? I was the same with my MRI and had a panic attack for the first one. I went back with diazepam and got through it. I am up for a LP next week and it doesn't bother me apart from the fact that I already suffer migraine and am dreading the monster headache some people get afterwards...


I am sorry you have having such a rubbish time.  For sure, you want a diagnosis, but you want the diagnosis to be for the right condition!  You have such a lot going on at the moment - maybe going hell-for-leather for a diagnosis does not need to be your top priority right now - particularly if you would rather not have an LP?  Perhaps the thing you could concentrate your energy on most usefully is getting some medication to help with right now your pain - a sensible GP will often be able to treat neuropathic pain (if that is what it is) symptomatically without knowing for sure what's causing it. Getting that pain under control would surely help you so much across the board. (Apologies if you have been down ths route already and run into a brick wall .)    All I can say is, try to take things one little step at a time.  



Oh dear Utterchaos, I really feel for you - dont give up! You will get there in the end and a dx of some sort will be around one of the corners... Im going through a dx at the moment, awaiting my fate... and have one child with autism and another with epilepsy and one other teenager - healthy so far thank god! Were all gonna make it, stay strong my dear and never loose faith that you will one day get the help you so desparately need!


Oh and forgot to mention im too going through a divorce too! life sucks!! I know...