For those who have been on here for year or so may remember me. I had an attack last January with a milder one three months before. Following various tests they found lesions on MRI and then found an atrial septum defect. Although there was no evidence of infarction or ishamic event they said I must have had a stroke. I had the MRI looked at by someone interested in the field and they said the lesions warranted further investigation. I paid to see neuro privately and without looking at MRI or doing any neuro tests on me, he said definately not MS. I was commenced on warfarin and after the right sided weakness eased I went back to work last June. I then saw a new neuro in Cardiff who listened to what happened, my symptoms etc and stated it was not ishamic in his opinion. He wanted to look at MRI with neuro radiologist and get back to me. Just before Xmas I started feeling symptoms return…right sided weakness, foot not lifting and toes seeming frozen…would not work. Face feeling numb again and lethargy like I have never known. I emailed the neuro who has stated he needs to look at MRI and make me a fresh appt…he had not looked at MRI as yet. I also get a pain in my hand and foot that seems like a nerve pain deep in my foot/hand which eases if I increase my amytriptaline. I have a colleague who has MS and she believes my symptoms are very likely MS and it needs further investigating… Comments or advice would be appreciated. I still feel the same and the lethargy is not abated by days off, sleeping longer or doing nothing. Kate

Hi Kate. Very sorry to see you back with new symptoms

That neuro you saw privately should be shot!

Your symptoms are consistent with MS, but unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee that it is MS, so it sounds like you really need to chase that neuro in Cardiff or get another opinion. If this has happened whilst on warfarin then they really need to rethink things surely?

Can you get your GP to start chasing the neuro for an urgent appointment?

Fingers crossed that you see him very soon and that he’s looked at your MRI!

Karen x

Thanks Karen. Forgot about the voice issue and have been told this could be symptom…for three months my voice became very quiet and raspy…as if I didn’t have enough air or power to make myself heard. The gp referred me to ENT who did scope nad found no reason for it and since it has rectified itself but occasionally I still get a little warble in my voice… I am in touch with the neuro and have mailed him again today but I think (as I have since the start) that it’s MS. I know my own body and it’s not behaving well at all lol Regards Kate Xxx

The voice thing is definitely relevant. As per usual it can happen in stroke and in MS though

I hope you get a reply soon!