Update. Thanks all

Hi all

Just want to say thanks to those who helped me yesterday following my mri scan results

Spoke to neurologist secretary and my own doc several times now. Waiting on call from neurologist now To discuss options.

My own doc has referred me to a cardiologist to rule out my heart completely. Just to be sure and she has suggested that neurology does an all over body CT.

Out of interest.
Did the ct help anyone else ? Also possibly lumbar puncture

My own doc has said it could still be ms but at very early stages and that’s why it’s not shown on my mri.

But could easily be neuropathy too.

Possibly going for a nerve test and more eye doctors despite me having no eye issues other than one pupil bigger than other.

Interest on people’s findings on nerve tests please too.

Still in the unknown for a while yet but you are all helping me get through this. No one at home understands what I am going through

Thanks. Suzy x


Hi Suzy, good to know the forum is helping .
Lesions can be hard to see on MRI…took 22 years to get my diagnosis…then I had to go to a specialist hospital a long way from home.
I had EMG tests twice…that’s the one that tests nerve reactions to stimuli.
Folk who dont have our symptoms do find it hard to empathise.
Hang in there chuck.

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Thank you xx

I have no iidea what are you coming trough but wish you all the best​:heart::heart::heart::heart: