Update on getting a supermarket slot!

MS is now on the list of conditions rendering people vulnerable. It as left off at first but it was added a few weeks ago. We should ALL now get letters, drugs or not. I haven’t had one though although I have been given priority supermarket slots.

Hubby has received a letter and he too has priority supermarket slots.

Weve now got so many supermarket slots between us it’s silly. I think this whole system is haphazard.

It is very ‘haphazard’, I’ve had to keep looking for ‘slots’, but sometimes I’m not quick enough, just too slow.

Vulnerable yes and we have always been on the list, which does not entitle you to the priority slots.

Shielded is another matter though and this includes people on certain drugs as well as certain conditions.


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Iceland send me an email as a priority customer to tell me when slots are available. they get TEN STARS from me. even though i only ever used to use them occasionally i give them more business now where i can.

Hi My nurse was a bit surprised given how long into lockdown we are. I told her I would continue ad I have been - working from home, going out for daily exercise and avoiding people. She said obviously couldn’t advise me to ignore the letter.