Vulnerable people on Government website...

I recently went onto the government’s website to register as a vulnerable person, as I’d heard that supermarkets are now giving priority to vulnerable customers. I’m still not sure whether to feel miffed or pleased to find that, after being told I’m vulnerable for 35 years, I’m apparently not! (according to the government anyway!)

Reading their list of ailments required, I appreciate why they’re focussing on those illnesses but I’m still slightly in shock MS isn’t considered vulnerable?!

Does anybody have any tips on how to get your weekly shop if we can’t get it delivered…?!

Hi Tangle3

im lucky enough to have my husband shop but still don’t want him to be potentially exposed so I order a lot of fruit and veg and local butchers to deliver to me. If you have any local green grocers in your area they may be doing this or if you’re part of your local community Facebook group there may be recommendations there.
also might be worth contacting your local council and explain the situation as they may deliver something to you directly

hope this helps and you find a solution

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Not good. We are luckier in Scotland as the government have just issued a new number for those not covered by the Westminster definition of vulnerable. We can use it to arrange medicine/grocery deliveries. I agree, it is ridiculous we are not on the original lists of the most vulnerable.

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Tangle 3

Just put a post up on another person’s thread. Have a look and good luck.


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This subject has been discussed previously at length over the last three weeks including a lengthy one yesterday.

No point in my repeating myself from yesterday.

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Im not on the vulnerable list and therefore am allowed` out for exercise, medical appointments, medicines and essential food.

But as my carers do shop for me and my exercises are done from my bed and my meds are delivered…I dont really need to go out.

I could go for an airing, but my back garden gets the sun.

All bases are covered, so I choose to stay home.

Stay safe all.


If you are on DMD’s then you have a weakened immune system and you are vulnerable. You have to register with the immune system weakness. I can’t remember what’s there now. I tried but because I’m not on DMD’s I couldn’t apply. I’ll have another look.

Ive had a look and it’s second from the bottom - this one;

  • are getting an immunosuppression therapy that’s sufficient to significantly increase your risk of infection
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i’ve answered this on numerable threads. The site does not recognise MS. We are only on cuz partner has kidney disease. Look on your local councils website, they are trying to help all elderly or vulnerable. Many neighbiurhood FB groups are popping up. Give them a ring. Also local churches or faith communitys. Many places who are NOT supermarkets are offering delivery - only way to reach customers. Local pubs are diversifying into doing veg boxes, or meat boxes.

Where exactly do you live?