Update from Winnie

Hi everyone,

I have been posting and reading threads on here for a few months as I have been experiencing some neurological symptoms for a while and I just wanted to post an update.

I’ve had my scan results, everything was normal. My neurologist has diagnosed post vaccine syndrome. He says he thinks I will recover but that it will take time.

I was initially told I had FND by a private neurologist but the NHS neuro I saw today is an FND specialist and has said my issues are more likely vaccine related. He has told me not to have a Covid booster and to take vit D to boost my immune system and just to look after myself.

So, my plan now is rest when I need to, eat well, take immune boosting supplements and try not to get Covid.

Hopefully I will feel better soon. I am feeling very grateful after my appointment today.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has answered my posts and offered support through what has been a scary and confusing 6 months.

Winnie x

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Hi winnie,

That’s great news , I hope you are on your way to a full recovery.

I’m back in a sort of limbo land again waiting for a lumbar puncture at the moment and have been told ms is the most likely outcome.

Thanks for the update, it helps show that there is always hope.

Hiya, Sorry to hear your back in limboland. I hope you get answers soon. The waiting for answers is hard.

Thanks for your reply, I just felt it was important that others reading my previous posts could see what my outcome was. Often folk come by on here and disappear and we don’t know what happened to them.

This site has been really helpful and welcoming to me.

Thank you all.


Hi Winnie, wow what a turn around…I’m so glad it isnt MS and that you make a full recovery. Take care sweetheart.

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Interesting that some doctors are recognising that some people do have adverse reactions to vaccines. Hoping that it settles down soon.

I’m pondering whether I should give the booster a miss until the Novavax comes onstream. After each of the first two (AstraZeneca) my fatigue levels significantly increased as did my neurological issues, and haven’t reversed. I also developed an irregular heart beat about the time of the first vaccination.

Check out MedCram on Youtube for the best ways of enhancing your immune system. He’s covered many issues in his videos, always referring back to research / data to support his advice. This is one of them. I’ve jumped to the point where he talks about the simple things you can do to optimise your immune system.

Thanks for your replies folks. Ziola, I will check out the videos, cheers for that.

I’d ask your neurologist (if you can contact him/her!) regards the booster. Myself and two the ladies I know via social media, have been told their problems are likely to be due to the vaccine. Rare but it does happen.

Mine was quite insistant that for me the risk from Covid was less than taking another vaccine. I’m in no way an anti-vaxxer, just acknowledging that occasionally it’s not suitable for some folk.

I think mainly the boosters are Pfizer or moderna and NOT Astra Zeneca. So you might be ok with one of those? I don’t know, but worth a few questions before having it I reckon. Especially if you feel it ramped up your symptoms. Fatigue, dizziness and numb feeling on my right hand side were my biggest problems. Never had any of those issues till I had AZ. Hope you get somewhere with your queries.

Wishing everyone all the best.

Winnie x