New to MS

Hey so my partner 8weeks ago was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke he was paralysed down his left hand side after tests and a mri head scan which showed lesions he was told he has ms. After 3 days of iv steriods and 2weeks in hospitals he was discharged after gaining his mobility back although he still walks awkard and is still feeling numbness. We booked a private consultation a few weeks ago with a neuro as we where told it would be several weeks before he got and appointment through the nhs. Before private app he had a lumber done which camed back showling inflamation but other than that clear. His bloods came back all clear and he also had an mri spinal scan which came back all clear apart from wear and tesr dics lying on nerve. Private consultant looked at the notes from hospital which we had but he did not have access to his mri scans he did some tests on my partner and at the end of the consultation said yes you have ms. We then received the app to go see the nhs neuro so we thought yeh lets go see what he says. He did all the tests again reflexes etc etc had a look at alll mri scans and notes and said possible ms but not definate. So one neuro says defo other says not sure??? Nhs neuro says unless he has another episode or more symptons then he would not says defo ms. The other thing thats was discussed also was my partner worked offshore and has to get vaccinations to protect him from the toxic waste he was working with so he got vaccinated for polio dip and hep b and while he was in hospital one doc said it could be vaccinated related as most of the tests they did came back all clear. When we asked the neuro about this he said no because he got the vacc in oct 2013 and he was not admitted to hospital until march 2014 it was too far apart but he did has tingling and numbness feeling down his arm few months previous to march so could it be vacc related who knows? Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience where they have been misdiagnosed we are just very unsure what is going on with it all. My partner is gradually getting better each day just hoping its something else wishful thinking on my part on suppose

Hi Shaz,

If I read it correctly the private doctor said it was definite; the NHS doctor said possible; I would go with the NHS.

It revolves around a diagnosis in space and time. This means that lesion/s should show in different positions (space) and have at least 24 hours between symptoms (time).

I am an old PwMS; diagnosed in 1973 40 years ago. Couldn’t care less about everyone’s theories about the cause; I don’t think they will ever find it.

I am sure my MS was caused by a smallpox vaccination some 18 months before my first symptoms. This I’m sure was my entry to this club as my reactions at that time were very similar.

This was my way in but everyone’s different as we all react differently. Some find DMDs helpful; some find diet helpful; some find The Liberation Treatment helpful; there’s even one idiot who uses Snake Venom helpful; oh that’s me.

You see how everything is helpful; no cause; no cure and you’re not going to get drug companies saying their drugs can cause some to get MS.

Will not be long and they WILL find an answer.


Thanks for your reply G