unusual pain relief

I forgot to mention some time ago I ws very achy and sore and was going to bed when this massive spinder ran across my bedroom. The adrenaline kicked in me in my fear of this spider and all my achs and pains left me for a few hours and I felt my old self again before getting MS. I was even considering getting a pet spider for pain relief, but i’m sure the effects would wear off in time and i’m not sure it would be a good thing for my poor nervous system. x

You got to love adrenaline…

When your having a really bad day with the pain, put a good scary movie on lol

Try playing a fast paced computer game. My son’s game of Mario Kart on the Wii gets my adrenaline pumping. Do feel knackered afterwards though but aches and pains fade… Take care. Ann xx

Spiders don’t do it for me unfortunately.

It used to be motorcycles but it would no longer be fair on the public in general for me to continue to ride.

Try chocolateI love the post, Happy New YearM

Wow! That definitely makes an interesting line of investigation. My scientific brain is buzzing now! Might mention that at my next Neuro appointment.

Some also recommend bee stings but the body can get used to this.

I try to eliminate stress and stay as relaxed as possible but sound, vibration and crowds have the effect of limiting life so it is a balancing act and finding what works for you.

Good luck and have a happy and healthy new year.



I too have adrenaline pain relieving experiences, not spiders though! Also, complete relaxation works for me absolutly brilliantly! I go to a water colour painting class in an evening, at the end of the session I can walk a few yards without neding my stick and I walk nearly as if no MS! This will last for a couple of hours not the usual pain, then I am back to my usual self, grrr!! It doesnt work if I paint at home though! It must also be due to going out and having company, as I dont work and spend a lot of time on my own! I said to my MS nurse its a shame adrenaline cant be prescribed as its AMAZING!

Over here in Australia the spider would probably kill me!

Glad it worked for you but I’ll give it a miss


I had a number of wasp stings a couple of years ago after disturbing a nest and for a few day the pins and needles I have dissappeared.

Despite that I have decided not to antagonise any more wasps and live with the pins and needles.

Take Care Kaz