In Oct 2007 when diagnosed I phoned the hospital ward and MS nurse panicking, surely you must be able to help with the pain? I was so naive, here I am 2013 and ringing in my ears is their advice ‘learn to grin and bear it’ - to accept something bad without complaining. 21st Century, it’s shameful negative emotion doesn’t help it’s a waste of energy. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger how strong must we be then? Take care folks, be safe, be strong it’s not all bad we manage and we survive, this Forum helps. M x

Hi hon, we do seem to be the ‘forgotten ones’… try to keep in mind that there is lots of research going on right this minute!

For pain, it’s hard sometimes to know if it’s nerve pain or ‘secondary’… but M try the combo of 1 paracetamol plus 1 ibuprofin.

I know of two people who have been recommended this by GP’s… so it must be safe… and it certainly can help pain much better than just paracetamol or ibuprofin on their own.

We will survive! In fact we are surviving and all the better for being on here to support each other.

My latest moan? Saliva glands packed up working for a few days… but today I seem to be ok… so I can spit in the eye of MS!

Love to all,

Pat xx and this one for you M… xx

You are simply the best Pat, I’m okay I’ve not lost the plot I use the combo to got effect some/most of the time. You are like a warm cuddly blanket. Sugar free chewing gum helps me when I’m struggling with salvia. Take care folks have a good weekend, sending smileys M xx

You’re right Pat - I think that the pain in my legs is musculo-skeletal and not neuropathic but I am not sure. I just live with it as it’s not unbearable. Hope you’re both OK M and Pat. You’re right, we will survive. We just keep going! Teresa xx

Hi guys, yip we learn to grin and bear it and keep and doing the best we can. Take care, be safe M xx

yep, get behind Boudica and the chariot and well march on and do the very best we can, wont we girls?

luv Pollx