Hi there :slight_smile: I was wondering if I could get some advice please. I’m 36 and a psych nurse

Over the past two years I started having pain in my hip and was told I had joint hypermobility syndrome, which I disagreed with as I have never been able to touch my toes never mind anything else flexible and also never had a sprain or dislocation! So things began to get worse and started to get burning feet and hands, especially in my hands that drives me crazy, really crazy ! This lead me to a new GP practice and a good Dr. I told her my mounting up symptoms - pain in feet and hands as well as crazy burning, aching up my arms and into my elbows, bizarre sensations in my right knee, twitches all over, bladder urgency (one cup of tea = 4-5visits) and getting up to pee at night (new), horrendous fatigue, lack of sex drive and mood swings. (Sorry look like a hypochondric) Dr prescribed Duloxetine for neuro pain and said it was peripharal neuropathy but she took loads of bloods and referred me to neuro and rhematology.

i had my neuro exam and he didn’t say much, said he wasn’t giving a hypothetical diagnosis and said I was to get MRI brain/Cervical Spine

My hands are more painful now and wake me up at night and some days I feel hungover and it’s like my skins crawling plus my sleep is awful x Got MRI no contrast came back normal but learnt that my neuro exam showed brisk reflexes with ankle clonus ?? Not sure what else found cause he didn’t mention it at the time. Now got to see rhemotolgy in case it’s fibromyalgia at the same time awaiting an EMG

just wondered if any had any thoughts fibromyalgia or MS or something else had a total 7 weeks off work since April and never had a sick day in a year and half prior

thanks xx Zoë

Rheumatology today, when I mentioned Fibro she said not to mention it as she felt it was an excuse diagnosis for a bunch of symptoms that are unexplained. I asked her about my ankle clonus and she re-checked my reflexes which she then said she understood my neuro’s concerns as the where way too hyper 5+ with a sustained clonus for it to be anxiety (i dont feel anxious, nervous and worried, but not anxious) she also noted jerking movements. She cc’d my neuro into the report she was writing to state she felt that this was a neuro problem and she told me to basically shh about Fibro, as she felt it could mean I wouldnt get the attention that she feel this needs… Back to square one I guess as unsure what would present with these symptoms that would show a clear MRI brain and Cervical ??? Also has this horrible tightness in my back and sides under my breasts…could i be bringing all these on myself ?

Any help would be great Im not sure if Im bringing it on myself worrying ?


sorry but i dont have enough expertise to answer your questions.

i really dont thnk that you are bringing it on yourself by worrying, try to keep it under control though because stress is our enemy.

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carole x