not diagnosed yet

hi all im new hear dr thought i had fibromyalgia but have now insisted i see a nerologist as have symptoms of ms, prob have the same symptons as fibro but maybe best to rule it out for sure.

started with pain in elbow for years thought it was tennis elbow had an injection made it 10 times worse ,then thought i had dementia as could see words but they wouldnt come out of my mouth ,id forget what things were called, well my aunt has fibro and my mum had something sim but shes not with us anymore.

anyway pain has got worse over the last months gettin tingling in feet and hands and alos knees? eyes are hurting and got diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea 18 months ago but app didnt fit the criteria as not over weight only a few pounds dont smoke etc. have been told this is another thing with ms. anyway been off work for nearly 2 monghs and had health person on phone who suggested i mention ms to my gp and get referred so waiting for an appointment with neuro got a premil booking for 6th jan!!! but hospital trying to fit me in before that.

legs feel like lead or jelly and sometimes give way covered in bruises as so clumsey and sooo tired consultant couldnt understand at the sleep clinic why i didnt feel a new woman now i wear a cpap mask but even when i do sleep i wake up really tired as though ive not slept at all.

so just waiting to either confirm or rule out have had lots of blood tests and the inflamation bit always comes up higher than it should.

anyway i will wait and read all i can on this forum until i know for sure