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Anonymous,that ‘4 months’ buggers me if that is the right word to explain my feelings towards your ‘letter’. How old are you if I may ask? I am 55… (what!!!.. a shock again and again when I do remember my age…).

I think that I have been through a similar spell of complete desperation, as a ‘male’ that is, about 32-33 years -what!!!- ago, when I was, I assume, in a similar situation. At some point (and I am talking ‘years’ here…) I finally decided that ‘things’ were irreversable and went on a holiday to Crete with a then colleague and… met a most wonderful lady! Even the fact that I was from Holland and she was from the UK (and was divorced due to an unfaithful ‘husband’) could not stop us getting together, and the rest is history (I emigrated to the UK, got married -at the age of 33, etc etc).

There IS hope darling (sorry if that sounds ‘is the word?’, is not meant that way!) even if this might not get through to you at this very moment.

As I referred to, I have been through emotional despair but I can now say that it was bloody worth it!

Still, these might only be empty words to you at this moment but… , they might hopefully help you that tiny little bit, just to convince you that there is a world out there outside that, as far as I am concerned, confusing family. I remember the days still being at good terms with the mum/ dad, but it all comes down to the relationship with the son/daughter, and if that does not have a future then move on, which is as soon as you are strong enough to do so… Remember, book that trip that might change everything for the better… I did and it had the most wonderful outcome!

Good luck, all the best, Jos


for what it’s worth i don’t think it was your fault.

he was with his family (who sound a proper shower) and you were isolated.

try to be happy that you are with YOUR family.

get saving up and then move on.

his apron strings issue would choke you.

lucky escape, i say.


Christ, both him and his sorry family sound like a blooming nightmare. I think this whole sorry affair is a blessing in disguise. What a mess his family is, your definitely better off out of that one.

Stick with your family, save your money and move on. You deserve not to be involved in that sort of nonsense.

Kick him to the kerb!

Lisa x

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Well, I see maybe ‘anonymous’ decided she’d been a bit too frank and open. I do hope that just the process of writing it all down helped you to get your head sorted about what happened. And that as the other posters have said, you can now move on with the rest of your life free from your ex and his family. Good luck Anonymous. Sue

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I am still really struggling with the guilt of all this. I hope it soon subsides

Sorry, but are you the original poster? If so, you can’t post something, remove the post, then expect us to remember what you wrote and offer sympathy for guilt that’s now totally unexplained. If you felt you had been too open and explicit, you could have just changed the post (edited it). Or had it removed, then reposted something less explicit.

Even, now just explained what the post was about and what on Earth you feel guilt for / about.

And if you’re not the OP, then you make even less sense.


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There’s really no need to be rude to people.

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