Universal credit and housing

Could anyone please give me some advice ? I have PPMS and I live in a first floor flat which I own. The time has come that I have to move because I cannot manage the stairs. I would like to move into rented accommodation but the problem is that if I sell my flat then I will go over the amount of money I have to receive Universal credit. The other alternative is to buy a ground floor flat but once again there will be a transition period when I will have too much money in my account. Has anyone any thoughts ?

Hi Ian
Yours is a case where common sense should prevail. You’ve done the right things in life, been prudent with money and own your own property.

Perhaps have a word with your local housing dept or UC team and ask the “what if” question. Or talk to someone like CAB. As you say, it’s the brief time period between flat A & flat B that could unravel things. Perhaps do nothing regarding UC until you’re established in the new property? A solicitor could control the release of funds so a large balance didn’t appear in your account. Presumably new property will be of similar value as current one, which could be demonstrated by legal statements?