A few months back i mentioned i was selling my very large 3 bed house, and had a choice of a park home and the doctor had put me on the council need list as having an urgent health care need for a sheltered.

well the house sold then the sale fell through, so i took it off the market and had a break.

House went back up sold it in hours, 2 months down the line guess what the beginning of the chain is crashing.

In the meantime i bid for a sheltered flat. its small but where it is, well its perfect. there is an outside area which i can make a little bit into a sitting out area and the view is of a lovely park for kids, and above and a bit beyond is the railway trains going into our local station. FOR me ideal i love trains. its virtually a similar outlook to where i am now. The home has online care line so i can get rid of mine save me 10.00, and a lovely big lounge and they do all kinds of things. it reminded me of the programme waiting for god lol.

I didnt think i had a chance as i was 8 on the list, but surprisingly had a phone call and was offered it. Well its tiny but perfect. has a brand new kitchen, and wet room installed. the bedroom is big enough for my king nothing much else lol, and a small sitting room with patio doors leading outside.In the sitting room is the biggest cupboard i have ever seen with hanging rails you could sleep in there lol. Also a large airing cupboard in the hallway.

I can take my pets. I have taken it, but now in a huge panic as the sale is stalling and i was relying on it selling to put flooring down in the flat, and i have to not only pay my rent but i am also having to pay partly for my care worker and that is a lot of money.

I am going to see if the department for direct payments will reassess me again as now i have a rent to pay before i didnt. If not i may have to stop having my care worker. I suppose the area is so much smaller and being in sheltered i will have people around me but its hard, as she has been with me 2 years.

I spent 2 nights worrying maybe i should refuse the flat now and wait until the house is sold properly, then i think but there might not be anything then to move into. i have to sign and get the keys on friday.

HELP, my head is all over the place. I still have a little savings not much. I shall give myself a nervous breakdown at this rate. I am very savvy over money and hate debt. never being in it.

I can do it, but it will leave me little to live on. the flat rent though does include heating, and the use of the laundry so dont need my washing machine.

I know my outgoings will be lower but i am still quaking in my shoes lol.

I have already stripped back possessions. Its been hard doing it on my own but i have done it.

Now i need help as i am having a huge crisis of confidence.

thanks rosie. xxxx oh and merry xmas. I shall move in officially on 5th and the new flooring is going in on the 2nd i had to cash in from a credit card gulp never used it before.

crazy chick

stop panicking!

move in with your pets and enjoy what you have.

ok you’ve used a credit card which is against your principles but you are by no means the only person doing that.

just enjoy the flat and especially the outdoor area.

enjoy watching the trains go by.

imagine that they are taking away all your worries.

you and your pets will be happy there.

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Crazy chick, having moved in 2017 - I’d say DON’T PANIC. Finance is just a matter of cash flow isn’t it? I mean it will sort itself when the house is sold. Deffo contact social services and the DWP. Moving house counts as “change of circumstances”. Won’t make a difference to PIP. Social services may decide you are eligible for DP, I don’t know. I moved March 6th last year, flooring didn’t come till 8th and then partner moved from London on the afternoon of 8th. The first 6 mths will be chaos, do not stress. A little bit of unpacking, day by day, will get it done. I’m sure someone like you will make new friends.



Well done on taking the plunge.

Don’t forget to tell the local council that your house is empty, you shouldn’t need to pay council tax on an empty unfurnished property. Until your house is sold, I’m sure the value of it would be ignored by social services, so definitely get reassessed for your care needs.

Try not to panic about money. If you have to have a small debt until your house is sold, it will only be temporary.

And you’ll feel so safe and happy once you’re all sorted out.


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Hi Cc. Delighted to read of the progress. Things usually happen for a reason and things always fall into place. This time next year you’ll be wondering what you were getting worried about. Relax and enjoy the new experience. X

Hello The home sounds lovely - very much like where my husbands Aunt lives. She has parkinsons and so also has to pay for care costs as part of her homes package - and its not cheap. Please don’t give your self a nervous breakdown over the need to use the house proceeds to pay for some of the care costs. As others have suggested above, its just a cash flow issue you are talking about and hopefully either the sheltered accommodation provider or DWP/Social services will be able to suggest a way to make this work. Given your house is under offer it may be worth talking to an IFA about whether or not you could get a bridging loan or some form of equity release to be able to access the cash until the sale (or any subsequent sale if this chain collapses) goes through. If you do talk to an IFA, it may also be worth discussing whether a care home annuity would be a good idea. My husband arranged one of these for his Aunty to take away the stress of the on-going home/care fees. As I understand it, they work like a normal annuity (i.e. you use a cash lump sum you buy an annual income for the rest of your life) but as the annual income is paid directly to pay for care / sheltered home fees it isn’t treated as taxable income in the same way a normal annuity would be so the money goes further. I don’t know whether that sort of thing would be helpful/available to you - just thought I’d mention as your message brought my Husband’s Aunty so much to mind xxxxxx

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Thanks guys. Calming down until i got told that i have to pay council tax on my home until it is sold. it changed in 2013. but its 10 months payments so last payment in january for 2 months which gives me a breathing space.

My friends mum works for council she is going to make herself available on Friday when i go to sign up as she thinks i should be eligible for housing benefit. BUT i am not sure they class me on a low income, as i get a full pension with disability element and my PIP. Although the care component half of it goes to pay my care worker.

we shall see.

yes it is temporary i cant believe a second sale is crashing what is going on. I wish we had the scottish system. Now i have to pay the fees for the park home work the solicitors did.

I am even thinking of going with one of those we buy your house. its so annoying when you have a home with equity just sitting there people want it. i feel sorry for my buyer and their buyers as they have invested in money too, and for it to go wrong with the beginning chain is hard.

I have told my estate agent to leave it now over the holiday, and on the 3rd if there is no progress we will put it back on and reduce price. I just feel really sorry for my buyers they love the house.

I am excited. i have sorted it out with my care worker. the extra hours i give her i cant afford so she is happy to not do them and wait for me to sort myself out. we have agreed a month after new year but if situation isnt changed she will look for the extra hours somewhere else. I will still pay the extra through the direct payments i have asked them to reassess me, hopefully they will.

Jeez you would think i was rich. I have had to use so much of my savings, i am way under 16,000 now, and i earn too much i cant even get pension credit, because i get a full pension which i worked hard for. I am a widow too where is the compassion. i get enhanced PIP, but they take the care component off me to pay for my care worker.

well i need to just suck it in and go for it. I can live on fresh air.

Maybe i will get housing benefit my friends mum is going to help me with it.

Thanks for calming me down. its hard as am missing my husband would not be moving if he hadnt died suddenly so its a huge change for me to deal with. xxxxxxxxxx


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Hi thanks what is IFA? i AM going to have a look at care home annuity now thank you. x