Now moved into sheltered accommodation

Well finally, the time came, to move into my new home. I was worried about the transition from a 3 bed to a sheltered flat BUT its best thing i ever did. I LOVE it. Its small but perfect for me and the pets. Not cold, dont have to walk miles everyday in a massive house and garden, or face stairs. Its just lush.

My view is great. I have the communal green grass a small patio area outside my patio door, which i have already filled with my ornaments and flowers, and feet away is a park for kids and the dog, and just above that is the railway to the local station so i can watch trains all day which I loved, my husband and I shared this passion, he would have been in his element. the town is 2 minutes away on my scooter.

I have met a few neighbours who are all very friendly and there is loads to do.

Yes best decision i ever made. just got to sell my house now.

even the cats are happy.

I havent missed my house one bit. Its like it never existed.

my family were brilliant, they got me moved and emptied and put away all the stuff. its like i have been here all my life.

Yes best thing i ever did. even my legs are burning and fizzing less.

feeling secure too is good.

thanks for all your support about my move. x


hi crazy chick

i’m delighted for you!

you deserve this.

good on your family or their help in the move.

change is said to be good for the brain too!

enjoy each and every day and maybe write a blog about it.

carole x

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so pleased you love it.It sounds ideal for you.

J x

What a lovely post. So pleased for you, I was going to say I hope you’ll be very happy in your new home but you already are! More time and energy for the good things without the worry.

Take care


So glad you did it and everything went ok. Its planning for the future is’nt it? We’ve been in bungalow for 2 years now and its proved the right move. Good luck with everything

all good wishes to you in your new home. Why do they call it ‘sheltered’ - what are you being ‘sheltered’ form ?

A lovely uplifting post cc. Delighted you’re pleased with the decision and happy with your new home x

Hi I am so pleased that you are happy in your new home. A fresh start for you. Enjoy!! Sue x

Your new abode sounds wonderful! Wishing you every happiness in your new home!

Truly lovely to read your post! I am delighted you’ve found some happy long may it continue. Good on your family for their help and your neighbours sound great! Pop the kettle on then and I do hope you have digestive biscuits ! Xx.


Brilliant news. The best type of post. I’m so glad you made the decision you did. Exactly the right decision.

Enjoy your peace, safety, animals, park and trains.


Crazy Chick,

What good news, so happy for you.

Sounds just what I need.

A little bungalow near shops. Have fun.

Jen x

LOL yes its a funny word, but basically you are in an area with other people of similar age, not all have bad disabilities. there is an on site manager who supports everyone and care lines are provided. its safe no one can get in without a combination.

if you dont feel well you can get help. Its not assisted living. its just like moving into a flat anywhere but with people the same age and some have same conditions, they have all kinds of activities you can join in if you want or not.

GREAT NEWS. I put the house on at a reduced rate and it sold straight away to someone who buys properties cash to rent. so pleased. She wants to get on with it, has bought similar before so knows how well they are built.

I am pleased because now someone can come off the waiting list for a home, even if its private, as there are very few 3 bedroom houses in social housing in our area.

so keep fingers crossed it all goes well its cash so should not be a problem and my estate agents deal with this lady all the time.

having a bad morning. i had to take the dog to vets two days as she got a little poorly its just a short drive in my mobility scooter but boy i feel rank as i had to stand in the vets to support her.

you realise when you do something normal just how not normal we are.

thank you for your well wishes. i will do my blog just got to get everything sorted now.

Onwards and upwards. xxx

Wonderful news your new home sounds lovely. I hope your dog is better soon and demanding longer walks in the park next door.

Jan x

well have been sleeping weirdly waking up in a sweat and not right. I turned the heating off in the bedroom no need for it.

then this morning i dropped something by the side of the bed and SCALDED my hand on 2 very very hot boiling pipes, which are feeding the radiator which isnt even on. OMG, its no wonder i am having weird nights and tingly mornings and have nearly fallen a few times from weak legs.

its like a sauna.

I shall have to ask the site manager if there is a way they can shut that pipe off somehow. i cant sleep in here with this heat, even lucy is sleeping on top of the bed and warm.

Ugh i knew it was too good to be true lol. how can i cool the room down. i have the window open a bit but draft will be an issue as its blowing across me but i leave the windows open all day to cool it down. .

any ideas?

I’m no plumber but if the pipe leads to the other accommodation then there’s probably not much can be done other than diverting it. Would Lagging it help?

Jan x

flipping heck crazy chick,

pester that site manager to death.

if you burned your hand on the pipes then it TOO blinking hot!!

hope you cool off soon. xxx

sounds like ideal cannabis growing conditions…

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now that’s a plan krakowian!

if you decide to go ahead crazy chick, your customer base is right here!!