Undiagnosed but concerned

Hi everyone I’'ve only just recently started to piece things together that my symptoms might very well be connected. For a few months, I’ve been suffering with headaches, mostly behijd left eye although it does hurt round my other eye and back of head occasionally. I’ve been suffering daily with them. I went to the docs and mentioned the tingling and numbness that I’d been getting in my feet, hands and a patch in my back. She sent me on my way with amitriptyline. This reduced the severity of my headaches and my tingling went away. I started having a funny sort of indigestion that I couldn’t shift and it would be random when it came. I then started having a horrible burning sensation on my hands, feet(it burns for hours after abath)b and scalp, I have stopped drying my hair as it makes it a lot worse. I’ve noticed it in patches on my face and left eyelid recently.I had an episode of the burning in my teens. Heat makes it so much worse. i I’ve had a sight test, which came back no change to my prescription so not the reason for my headaches. I do however find it hard to focus and sometimes have double vision. Through the months I’ve noticed my balance being funny, I’m clumsier than ever, and I mix up words occasionally (although that could be baby brain. I am noticably weaker than I’ve ever been, simple things like writing is har d, I have to put pressure on the pen to do it. I get constipated, a lot. Im always tired, always. Especially in the summer, I often nod off for 20 mins during the day in the summer. I wrote a list eventually to the doc as I was sick of going back and forth and he looked at the list, didn’t ask about any of my symptoms and gave me an anxiety questionnaire. He concluded I wasn’t anxious and that I would just have to get on with it!! My main concern was this horrible burning and he just ushered me out saying take as many amitriptyline as you see fit, not more than 15! I felt so shocked and upset that I don’t want to go back and just see if he could be missing anything. Just had to get this off my chest. Anyone think these symptoms are like yours or ms related? Thanks for reading.

Oh, I forgot to add that when going to the docs for headaches the first time, they did blood tests which came back normal. I’m so tired of these symptoms and at least want to know what it is.

Headaches behind one eye can be migraine, but that wouldn’t account for all of your symptoms. Your Gp doesn’t sound helpful at all. You need to be referred to a neurologist to investigate further. Can you see a different Gp in your practice?

I’ve had migraines in the past, and they’re nothing like them. I’m very sick and my whole head feels like it’ll explode with pressure and I can’t be near lights. I’ve not had a migraine for 3 years thank god! I could go to another gp, but none of them seem helpful or interested…maybe they think it’s all in my head. I’ll have to go back soon, but I really feel like they think I’m wasting their time!


It sounds like you’re going through a rough and worrying time, and your GP is not really doing his job!

Firstly though, you say you are or have been a migraine sufferer? Migraine is a very complex condition, and there are many varietys, some without headache, which can cause extreme neurological symptoms. I’ve been hospitalised with mine, and they can last a long time!

You also mention ‘baby brain’, so I’m assuming you are coping with a new or very young baby, which is exhausting, and fatigue, cognitive problems, constipation, can all be associated with the post natal period.

However, you have a right to be taken seriously, and get some help with your symptoms at least. Just because you may suffer with the above doesn’t mean there’s nothing else going on. I know, I’ve been there.

Perhaps you could see another GP in the practice? Have you asked for a referal to a neurologist? Could you afford to pay for a private consultation if the GP refuses to refer you?

Please think about getting a second opinion, and maybe take someone with you for a bit of moral support/backup.

Good luck, and I hope you get some help soon xx

My youngest is 9 months now, I’ve had constipation for years…I should have mentioned that. I just use the baby brain as a fall back, ha! My migraines have always been from a sinus issue. I have been assured its not sinusitis, and I took antibiotics to make sure any sinus infection was taken care of. I am going to get another appointment,I just hope someone takes me seriously. I have noticed I’ve become a bit slurry when talking aswell.