Understanding lumbar puncture readings

Hello all,
New here to the forum!

We have been waiting for over a year to get a diagnosis for MS. My partner has been suffering with loss of sight/blurriness in his right eye, also a numbness in his head. He has suffered with a little loss of balance also.

After 3 attempts, the hospital finally managed to carry out a lumbar puncture and we have recieved a letter asking neurology to see him ASAP.

His readings showed CSF protein 1.19g/l and CSF glucose 6.0mmol/l

I’m looking at the dreaded Google which is telling me all sorts and not making any sense! We have been told verbally by 3 people he has MS, just not by neurology which are the ones who can treat! Can anyone offer some guidance in layman’s terms please?

Many thanks all.
Bryony Smith

Hi Bryony,

My only expertise (ha!) is from having had one when I was waiting for my diagnosis.

When I saw my neuro for the results he explained (I’m paraphrasing massively here) that relapses or episodes of demyelination (ie when the immune system attacks myelin) markers are left in the csf and these stay. The oligoclonal bands are like a guestbook, so he said that mine suggested I’d had several episodes in the past. I’d no recollection of ever having noticed one so they weren’t a useful tool for diagnosis just information for the case history. That’s about my limit of useful information I’m afraid… this was in about 2002 though so technology may be better for interpreting results now.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Consult your GP. They speak medic, and civilians really don’t.