Lumbar puncture results

Hi all, Sorry to pester everyone. Just wondering if anyone would maybe be able to offer any advice Received a letter today from neuro to my GP that I had been copied in to. Bit of background - I’m 27 y/o female. Had a few weird things happened combined with very bad headaches & at that same time, hair loss which the dermatologist told me was alopecia in the end. I ended up sitting with a neurologist around this same time, I assume because of the headaches combined with some weird neurological type symptoms. They did a neuro exam and I was sent for a brain & c-spine mri. Results of mri showed a left frontal periventricular hyperintenisty & several other small subcortical white matter hyperintensities. Got called back for follow up with neuro after these results. Had another neuro exam and he explained the mri results to me. And said they were considering ms. Since then I had a visual evoked potentials test and a lumbar puncture. Fast forward now then to today and this letter. Letter reads: This lady’s visual evoked potentials were both normal with no significant evidence of any optic nerve dysfunction. She also had a lumbar puncture which showed normal glucose, normal protein and normal leukocyte. No oligoclonal bands were detected. I am due to see her back at the clinic on *** at which point I will determine the need for any further investigations from a neurology perspective, however the investigations to date have been reassuring. I am taking this all as very positive and good news and think I am right to do so. I’m also taking it as a pretty clear sign that I don’t have MS. I’m obviously very pleased about these results. However, I’m beginning to worry that I may be left with no answer about why there are lesions on my brain or any explanation for the symptoms I had experienced. It’s brilliant news if there is nothing seriously wrong, but I don’t really like the idea of knowing there are lesions on my brain that seemed abnormal especially for my age & being a non-smoker who rarely drinks, but not getting any closure on why they are there. I can’t help but worry I might spend the next who knows how many years worrying that something bad might happen if that makes sense? Just wondering if anyone has been in any sort of similar position so far? Or can offer any advice? Does it sound like I’m going to be discharged (I think it does) and if so will I just be left none the wiser about what has been found to be abnormal…or will I be referred somewhere else. So pleased but also full of questions Thanks so much in advance for any advice given!

Hi Optimism

Getting a clear lumber puncture means you don’t have MS, my neurologist said the same thing to me this week, he did explain that my lesions in my brain could come from migraines, age and from my thyroid plus side effects from my medication, it could be the same for you, you may also get a letter to your doctor in a month or so explaining what they have or haven’t found.

The neurologist did not discharge me and wants to see me next year, he did find some weakness in my reactions on my left side and I have shivers and shakes still, so he is keeping me on file. I hope this helps.


Kay, thanks so much for the reply. I’m glad you were offered explanations for your symptoms, and no t just told its not ms, who knows what the other reasons could be. If that makes sense. I was told my brain mri really wasn’t normal for someone my age, so I kind of would like to know why its like that now. And means the reason my brain looks how it did obviously isn’t to do with age. Just hope I get some advice/explanation about what all actually HAS been going on, & one that doesn’t involve telling me I’m mad - which is what I’m worried about lol Glad you’ve got to the end & do kind of have some answers. Good he’s keeping you on file for a bit too incase there are any changes! All the best & thanks again Kay.

Yes WMH are usually down to age but they are changing their thinking about that now. do you have high blood pressure?

I didnt have a positive LP for my MS I had o bands, BUT my blood test that they did alongside it came up with inflammation and this made the LP negative for MS or something similar. but i had 2 positive VEP tests and lesions on MRI over the years it took to get told i had MS. 16 years from the first symptom.

These WMH can also be artefacts on the film.

Obviously something was going on to be in hospital.

The neuro may even end up doing another MRI with contrast. I would wait and see what they come up. Like i said something was obviously concerning to start with.

its always a wait, wait, and then wait some more.