Types of MRI

Hi everyone I feel that i have learnt so much from this forum, and that is causing me to be more curious,

I have just had a thought! as I have Arthritis and problems with disks in several places I have had in the last two years xrays, CT scans and full spine including Brain MRIs.

I am seeing a Rheumy not a Neuro and I wondered if there are different types of MRIs and as the investigations were not for ms but for other sorts of damage would the MRIs that were done show any signs of ms.

So if I were to see a Nero now would a different type of MRI need to be done.

I have an apointment for nerve conduction in two weeks so that may throw some light on the matter.


Hi Sally, as far as I know it would be the same MRI… so even if they were not looking for MS the radiologist would flag up the fact that there were lesions showing on brain or spine.

Pat x

There are two types of scan that are run as standard. One of these (“T2”) shows up MS lesions. It’s not the best type of scan for MS lesions though so it’s possible that small lesions might be missed. It’s also possible that a radiologist may not look terribly closely at the brain or spinal cord if they focus only on what the consultant has suggested is important. I had a full spinal MRI done in 1996 as part of an investigation into back pain. This was two years before I was diagnosed with MS: there was a thoracic spinal lesion, but the radiologist missed it. Your previous scans provide a useful base, but I think new symptoms mean a new MRI should be done. Karen x

Thanks Pat and Karen.