MRI query

Hi Has anybody had a brain scan early on on their illness which come back negative, only to be scanned again at a later date and have visible lesions?.xxx

Yes, me. It was a long time ago and MRI wasn’t as good as it is now, but in my first scans I had a spinal lesion(s), but no brain lesions. I did on the next scan (about 9/10 months later). This sort of thing happens to quite a lot of people. Karen x

Hi again :slight_smile: Did they diagnose based on the spinal lesions? I had my first brain scan 6 or 7 years ago, and then another just over a year ago after I had optic neuritis. Neither showed any lesions. A spinal scan was never suggested. I’m hoping this time it will be. Kaz xx

Hi I have had 3 MRI scans. Ist after some numbness in 2005 Brain and spine clear. Had some sort of attack in 2008 but GP said it was a virus. This though seemed to trigger spascity so in 2011 saw neuro and had another MRI and a lesion was seen in cervical spine & brain was clear. Another scan in 2012 (14 months later) brain still clear and lesion still present on cervical spine. Had a lumbar puncture in 2012 which was normal/negative. Have still not got a dx. But having another MRI scan next week. Still in Limbo!

Moyna x

Hi Moyna I’m sorry to hear you’re still waiting. Any idea why they won’t diagnose based on the spinal lesion? Kaz x

Hi Kaz,

You should read the mri explanation at the top of the list of threads by rizzo, helps undertand the MacDonald criteria.


Thank you. I’ll do that :slight_smile:

OK, all read, and really interesting!! Very well done Karen x What I’m still confused about is that I’ve read that MS can involve only lesions on the spine (ie none visible on the brain). Is the McDonald criteria the only method of diagnosis?? Because if so, what happens if a person only has spinal lesions?? Kaz x

Hi I only have one spinal lesion and I have never had any symptoms above the neck. There is a high possibility that my lesion may have been caused by a very delayed reaction to radiation treatment that I had in 1990 for hodgkins lymphoma. This was my first DX by the first neuro that I went to see. A second neuro completely dismissed that theory and started ti investigate the MS theory!

Moyna x

How far on in your investigations are they Moyna?

Kaz x

Hi Kaz , 22 years to be exact!!! Following radiation treatment I had l’hermittes. Went to Queens Square Neurology Hospital in London. I had full MRI, LP VEPs bloods etcand all were normal. Was told the l’hermittes was a side effect of radiation treatment and would go away. Anyway it only lasted a few months. Then I had nothing until 2005 when I had altered sensation on left arm. I had another MRI and all was clear. Then in 2008 I had an attack of weakness down right side of body and left side got that altered sensation again. GP wouldnt refer me again to neurology as my MRI in 2005 was clear. He said it was a virus. Anyway I recovered but a year later started to notice stiffness/spasticity in right leg. GP still adamant I had no problem so I made a private neuro appointment and had an MRI done in 2011. Brain was clear but there was a lesion on cervical spinal cord. At that time I was diagnosed with delayed radiation myelopathy. In 2012 saw a different neuro really for botox treatment but he withdrew the previous neuro’s dx. I was sent for another MRI and LP. The LP was negatived for MS markers and the brain was still clear. Next week I am having another MRI. If the brain scan is still negative I really dont know what he is going to say. To be honest I think that it must be connected to the radiation that I had in my neck area and not MS at all.

What is your story ?

Moyna x