Two steps forwards, one step back

Last week I did an alcohol detox. I felt really positive about it

I lapsed on Saturday and I’m lapsing again today

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why am I doing this to myself??

I gave up smoking last November (after doing it for 21 years - I am 35 so that tells you how young I was when I started) and I thought, if I can give up that, I can give up drinking

I just sent an e-consult to my GP pretty much begging them to get me into my local live better gym at a cut price

I want to be free of toxins and improve my fitness. I’ve put on so much weight since I’ve been drinking pretty much non stop

I’m annoyed and angry at myself for having seemingly no will power or self control

This has to be my last drink tonight

I cannot control my MS relapses, but I can control this

I really super hope the doctor can help me out with the gym because I don’t work and my disability benefits are not enough to pay the full price for a gym membership

I want the gym and fitness to be my new obsession

I’ve wanted to be free of all toxins for many years and now I’m so close

I just need that final push

Did you give up cigarettes at the first time of trying? Hats off if you did, but maybe you, like me, tried and failed a few times before making it stick. That’s what often happens and that’s OK. As someone wise once said: trying and failing isn’t a failure of the learning process, it IS the learning process. So don’t be hard on yourself, but don’t stop trying - keep trying to do this good thing for yourself. Good luck.


Congratulations on giving up smoking and for wanting and trying to stop drinking. Giving up anything is very hard - so really well done for trying. A slip up isnt a failure - failure is when you stop trying, put it behind you, learn from it, if you can ( what made to turn to drink) and try again.

If you want a drink - come on here instead, there is always someone on,
go for a walk (without any money, so you cant be tempted ) do some exercises at home - find out how many push ups (for example) you can do and try to beat that next time. Find a new challenge or hobby.

Good luck, let us know how you get on xx