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Hi everyone, I see there is a programme on tonight called “The trouble with Mobility Scooters” It is on quite late (BBC1 at 11.40). It’s going to be following a few people in South Yorkshire on their daily lives with mobility scooters. Also how mobility scooters have led to an increase in road accidents. Looks like it could be worth a look. On holiday but spending it doing jobs in house. It really is scorchio here. Mags xxx

Thanks for that Mags… I’ll put it on record. You reminded me actually because I did see a post about it on facebook from Life and Mobility Scooters which I follow. Apparently they look at the need, or not, of tests and licences. I don’t think it would be a bad idea… I am a very responsible scooter user but I’ve heard some horror stories of bad users. Also I think that the people that sell them should do a training session with all new users… mostly the scooter is delivered and the poor new user is left to get on with it. Enjoy your holiday! Nice to get jobs done around the house but hope you find some time to do something a bit special. Pat xx

Thanks Mags. I’m not a scooter user yet but I’ve just set it to record as I think it’ll be interesting. It’s scorching here too and I’ve got loads of jobs that need doing and I’m sat going through all my paperwork to get my benefits sorted out. Never mind, once it’s done I can sleep soundly again. Enjoy your holiday Mags.

And Pat I’m with you on the training thing. Living in “God’s waiting room” means we regularly have mobility scooter perils.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing

Cath xx

Hi all

This programme is on tonight at 10.40 not 11.40 as stated, just thought I had better mention it, didn’t want you to miss it…

Pam x

Hi Sorry about that, I have just seen that it is on an hour later in Scotland where I live. Funny that!!! Mags xx

Oh Mags, never thought about it being a different time scale in Scotland, just thought it was a typo, sorry.

Pam x

I’ll set that to record, I won’t be awake by then (England or Scottish timing) Also not a user yet but need to watch.

Thank you Mags

Sonia x

OMG how scary was that? I know they showed some of the scariest video footage but some people really seem to have a death wish or are kamikaze pilots in training! I realise that most scooter users are very careful and responsible but think after seeing that that everyone should be shown how to use them. I know my grandma had one and had no training, it was dropped off at the house and she was left to get on with it and the results were quite serious, they didn’t even take the fabric covers off the wheels and she couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t go properly. It really was a dreadful time. Sadly (or fortunately) I’m not sure, she didn’t actually have very long with it as I think it would have killed her.

I’m sure many of you will comment on it and I’m looking forward to reading your responses. I loved the look of the trike the woman rode at the end of the program, can’t see me fitting in the jeep though.

Take care.

Cath xx

Yes agree with you Cath… was scary. Some people are just terrible on them. I pride myself on being a good scooter user. I’ve heard scooter riders shout at people to get out of their way, but my attitude is that the pavement is meant for pedestrians and therefore it is ME who has to be careful. Pedestrians shouldn’t have to spend there time watching out for scooters. Also I’m insured but my 86 year old mother who has recently got a scooter refuses to get insurance. She can afford it but doesn’t see the point! I do think there should be training… they showed a training centre in Yorkshire… it’s amazing… and there should be tests. I was going to look at the Twitter feed from the program but have decided not to as I’m sure they’ll be lots of abuse about scooters and will be upsetting. I’m glad they showed one younger user… a woman in her 30s with MS… but mostly concentrated on older users. It’s an interesting and well-made program and well worth watching on iplayer if you missed it. Pat xx

My husband told me I was going to find it a shocker, he watched it. I did see a couple of mins of it yesterday and yes, I think training should be compulsory!

Personally, I think you should have a test to use one, after all they’re used on pavements i.e. designed for pedestrians.

Sonia x