Tuesday Motivation...

It’s a cold one today, so we’d like to share a heartwarming message from a little girl to her mother (who has MS). What’s your Tuesday motivation?

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That’s very sweet Oliver but I have to say that I am so lucky that my family and friends give me so much love and support to give me motivation every day.

I’m just sorry that there are some that get much less love and support. That’s very sad.

Shazzie x

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It’s lovely to hear that you have such loving and supportive family and friends, Shazzie and yes I agree it’s sad that not everyone’s as lucky - but motivation can come in many forms.

Hello everyone .

What a Beautiful note.

Love to everyone

kielyn x

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I’'m still trying to get over Monday!

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I know the feeling, Albrecht but a cheery note go’s a long way.

And to you, kielyn.

what a little sweetie, thanks for sharing.

carole x

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Ah, that’s really heartwarming!

I’m lucky that I have good support too.


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Thanks for sharing that Oliver. Really lovely. Anne x

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