Please would someone tell me where to find the Forum Terms and Conditions? They must be staring me in the face, but I cannot find them. Prompted by someone’s concern about the public nature of the main Forum space, I wanted out of curiosity to have a look. I can find the box to say that I’ve accepted them, but I can’t see where hey are!



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Hi Alison

This is all I could find

Its the ‘terms of use’ for the MSS website in general but seems to apply to the forums too.

Otherwise, maybe one of the mods would help?

Or try the contact button?


Oh well done, Sue! Thanks. You are a more tenacious researcher than I am - I gave up when I decided that they must be on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.



or try this


Found them by going through process of registering as a new user. Perhaps the web team could look at this, either they could point out where they are (and we’ve just failed to spot them) or they need putting somewhere obvious.

Perhaps the hey could be made a sticky???

I’m not afraid of imaginary leopards.


Good afternoon- and apologies to those who’ve experienced frustration in trying to find the Terms & Conditions. For future referejce- they can be found at the very bottom (right) of the page- in the black bar- which is known as the ‘footer’.

While this may seem hidden from view, it is not unusual. In fact, this is the standard place in which to find T&C’s on all websites.

Best wishes Stewart (admin)

Sorry, Stewart, I am still being completely thick, I’m afraid. Where on the right side of the black footer, please? Somewhere near the ‘Site Map…Accessibility…Contact us…Media…Privacy’ line?



I can’t find them at all…I use an ipad most of the time and that is what I am on.

Hi Stewart

Actually they’re not on the footer of this forum, although they are on the footer to the home page.


Got the blighters! They aren’t on the forum footer and they aren’t on one’s forum personal home page footer either, but they ARE on the MS Soc home page footer. Thanks, Sue.


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Hi all,

The Terms of use can be found in the black footer at the bottom of the page. They are the last item next to ‘media privacy’.

Many thanks,

Steph (Admin)


That’s the point, they’re not on the footer on this forum. The items on the footer are:

Site map, Accessibility, Contact us, Cookies, Media privacy

The Terms of use are on the footer on the main home page.


they are there but not if you are logged in

Hi again,

I can see the Terms of Use when I am both logged in and not logged in on the forum page. This is very strange!

Sue, would you mind dropping me a private message? It would be really helpful if you could send me a sceenshot of what you are seeing, we can co-ordinate that over private message.

Many thanks,