4 years ago my wife was diagnosed at 33 at the time she was working and mum to our 4 children she had to stop working her family have never offered support and make excuses not to I come from a difficult childhood that left me with no family ties I lost my business that was 12 years of hard work that I was proud of due to having to care for wife and kids as it took 8 months to get any government help my wife ha changed a lot since being diagnosed she seems to blame me I asked her to get married to reassure her. That I loved her ms or not we never planned on getting married She really enjoyed the planning and the day we had a discussion recently not sure what about but she suddenly blurted out you forced me to get married

I don’t know how long I can carry on the way it is I feel I am losing my identity I have only tried support her but she refuses to engage with me or therapy Center my children deserve there dad to provide and inspire I feel im not doing that at the moment I work 55 hours a week just to survive my children are starting to show behaviour issues as they feel poor and embarrassment about our situation and I suppose embarrassed by me as I’m not able to provide should I leave and try to provide a happy environment for me and kids and live with guilt I still love my wife but she won’t engage

Its sounds a really bad situation for you and sounds like you are getting absolutely no support from anyone?

Is there no one from her family you can talk to about some support from them? Is it possible they stay away because they get the same vibes from your wife as you have been getting or just don’t know how bad things are and that support is needed?Could they do something for or with the kids?

When my wife first heard the possibility of Ms mentioned she tried her best to get rid of me,and from reading on here its very common.Also one of the less obvious symptoms of Ms she displays is how she sometimes totally misunderstands something very simple or when she speaks the wrong words come out which can make no sense in the context of what’s being discussed ,if i am a bit down i can take ut to heart.If this comment about you forcing her to marry is a one off,maybe it came out wrong?Even if you both didn’t see any point in being married before you don’t have 4 kids together if its not seen as a permanent thing!

Kids mis behave just for the hell of it sometimes without any particular reason.You are working long hours and also looking after your wife and 4 kids, i would be amazed if as they become adults they wont look back and be inspired by what you are doing now even if they don’t appreciate it now. Are they old enough to understand your wife having Ms and what it involves?Would they be better off without this situation? yes probably ,but you can’t turn the clock back to before your wife got Ms,would leaving your wife and looking after just the kids make it better for them i would say is far less clear.

Hope you can find some help from somewhere!