Trying to get pregnant and not get obsessed!

I cam off my tysabri after 2 years in August so myself and my husband could try for a baby.

well so far no joy!

My my husband doesn’t want me to obsess over it, but how do you not?

has anyone else had any issues getting pregnant after coming off tysabri?

Im not obsessing honestly!

i also had a pituitary tumour found incidentally on one of my routine scans, I don’t know if this can play a part in it too?

Im obsessing aren’t i? Sorry lol

hi madge

speak to your consultant or nurse about tysabri affecting your chances of getting pregnant.

speak to your doctor about the pituitary tumour.

as for obsessing, maybe you aren’t, maybe you are.

it does seem common for people to try for a baby for many years and then stop trying so hard and wam! pregnant!

make sure that you still have a life outside of the baby you want so much.

make sure that you and your hubby have lots of couple time.

good luck

carole x


Good luck on your baby making mission! I would definitely get some advice about the pituitary tumour as it has a lot to do with hormones.

Sue Perkins has a pituitary tumour and she sadly cannot have children (google it), that does not mean that that is the same for you of course…may just be another complication, along with Tysabri withdrawal?

Best advice from Catwoman, make time for yourselves

Best of luck


Maybe try some CBT; Poll swears by it

It seems to me that you should consult a doctor on this topic. He will be better able to analyze the situation and conclude whether this or that factor affects your pregnancy.
And as for obsession, it’s in a sense normal when it’s your ultimate. But it is not worth dwelling on. It never helps the case. Try to find out what your future child would look like. There is a good site that has made a rating of applications to generate your child’s face.
This will distract you a little and give you strength.

Hello, I am currently on Tysabri and been trying to get pregnant for 18 months now. My Neurologist says that its safe to be on Tysabri whilst trying and when becoming pregnant. is this correct?

Hello Lolley

To be honest, you really have to be guided by your neurologist on that one.

The information on the MS Trust Decision Aid (Tysabri (natalizumab) | MS Trust ) indicates that you can stay on the Tysabri until conception, then discuss with your neurologist/MS nurse about whether to come off the drug.


Hi @Ssssue, Yes I should probably just follow the advice from him, and stop reading up on everything and stressing myself out! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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If you have an MS nurse you could ask them.
Take care hope the pregnancy goes well.