i am a 33 yr old mum of 2 and was diagnosed at the start of the year followin a few (what i know now to be episodes) after a good few consultations with my neurologist i decided to start the tysabri treatment although i am not sure if this was the best action for me to take. as i am newly diagnosed i am not sure if i have jumped into this treatment without actually finding out more info than was actually given to me initially by my ms nurse whom i have actually only had 1 meeting with. i started my tysabri on 17th august as my relapses where coming on strongly and i was not actually getting any remmission time before my next episode would take hold. i am wondering if by aggreeing to the tysabri i was maybe looking for a quick fix although i now understand that this may not going to be the case. now that i have read up on tysabri did i make the right decision on starting the treatment. please can someone give me some advice as i am actually really struggling with the diagnosis as this time last year i was a young healthy woman enjoyin life and now i feel like my motivation has totally deminished and i have been so depressed and find myself locking myself away most of the day and crying on te sofa alday x