good news :D

Well I received a phone call off my ms nurse this morning, she filled my ears with good news and explained she has been in touch with a occupational therapist to pay me a visit to see what they can help me with, also has an appointment for the JC test and explained I won’t get the results for a few weeks, how long will it roughly take to get me on tysabri :confused:

hiya martin

nice to read of good news! i have some of my own today but will start new thread and not hijack ur one

it took 2 weeks to get my jcv result andstarted tysabri 2 weeks later, hope u get good results from tysabri!


I’m starting tysabri this Friday , took me 6 weeks From JC test to starting it, Good luck

Oh I hope it works for you, I gope my tests come baxk 100% also I hear nothing but good news about tysabri, I’m currently on capozone but they put it down to a medical failure.

I’m currently on copaxone but the consultant said its a ‘medical failure’ and suggested I tried tysabri, didn’t mention trying anything other than tysabri as I’ve gone from relapsing once a year to 3 a year, I hear a lot of good news about tysabri and often enough it puts there ms at bay. On my last relapse I lost control of my legs and arm, and facial numbness so hopefully tysabri keeps my ms at bay. I’m in a week on thursday so wish me luck :smiley: