Trying to cross-stitch with Nystagmus...

… is frankly a pain in the backside! Although actually I think that was caused by the horrendous constipation… Which in turn was caused by the codeine I’m taking for the constant pain in my legs… And then of course there is the wonky walking and the falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon!! Gotta love MS, it’s certainly never dull!! LOL! :wink: xx

Hi bear :slight_smile: I have Laxidoo which is pretty effective but I keep forgetting to take it! My stick has butterfly stickers on it. I love the tinsel idea :wink: Duvet days are bliss but with a three year old at home, very rare! I am preservering with the cross-stitch, and reading, because I enjoy them and refuse to give them up! Positivity is certainly key, and being able to laugh at this silly illness helps too :wink: xx

Ha ha Jen… My brain does that a lot! Unfortunately… but in s way also fortunately… my partner also has health problems, so we are able to take turns with her. She’s the best medicine I. the world :slight_smile: Lovely that you have a talent for art. Something I’ve always wished I had xx

I love latch hook! I made a teddy rug when I was pregnant with my 14 year old and now it is on my littlest one’s floor :slight_smile: xx