Trolley Walker

Just wondering if anyone uses a trolley walker indoors like this one? It has brakes.

I use a four wheeled walking frame with brakes outdoors, just like this one:

But indoors, the trolley I hold onto when walking doesn’t have brakes. I know Social Services in some parts of the UK will provide one free of charge, and four wheeled walking frames.

I use a 4 wheeled walker indoors but I bought it myself. I was issued one via my physiotherapist but it was much too big.

I wanted a 4 wheeler with a seat so I could put a tray on it to carry my dinner rather than a 3 wheeler but this one is small and light. I like the fact that it can fold in a little to get through narrow gaps in my house.

It’s a Tupro Troja


PS The brakes are essential in my wet room or it would go rolling off to the drain!

This is a very helpful post,but I do wonder about the motivation for it.Looks quite professional.


Hmmm. Doesn’t seem to be same seller or same manufacturer in each case, though, so unless the poster had irons in multiple fires, as it were, unlikely to be a commercially motivated post. T.

steve-u old cynic! i have no idea who colin is but he has been lurking about for ages now and i suspect his intentions are all good

i have got the nhs 4 wheeled trolley with a seat for use outside. the inside trolley thing with brakes wont be much good for me at min as eat in kitchen only! kids would like to eat in front of tv i am sure but this mummy says no! when they have left i might rethink…

ellie x

I apologise to Colin, obviously his intentions are altruistic, and he’s making Board Members aware of what is available.There are various firms who advertise on here,and I over-reacted.


steve-am glad u r looking out for those less computer literate such as me. i quite like the idea of a virtual bodyguard! do u provide the ladies with milk tray?!

ellie x

After trying out two rollators that the social services had provided my neighbour - one too big - the other too instable. l then looked up the disability site that Patrick organises. He recommended a Topro Olympus - as l wanted something stable that could be used outdoors. lts marvellous - l am a convert!!. lt has enabled me to get to parts of my large garden that l could not get to before. Pick Beans and other veg - pop them into the large basket - and sit on the seat when l needed to. Now l have a smaller one for indoors- another one that Patrick ‘showcased’ on his website. This one has a basket/seat/tray - now l can ‘serve’ dinner as well as cook it.

Last week l had a hospital appointment. OH dropped me off at the main entrance with my rollator. l managed to get to the clinic waiting room only to find all the seats taken up - so l just put on the brakes and sat down on my own seat.

l love Milk Tray too Steve. And l have a balcony on my bedroom if you are thinking of ‘swinging by’.


Right Girls,I cannot walk,but nobody has told me I’m not still a Climbing Instructor,so shining up drainpies and abseiling off the roof to deliver Milk Tray shouldn’t be that difficult.If there are problems, hows about if I fire Mini Eggs out of a catapult and shoot Maltesers out of a blow pipe through your letterbox,or play skittles by rolling tins of Quality Street down hill at you?

Wb xx

You will have to try better than that Steve !! To start with - we do not have a letter box - or do we live on a hill. Do like maltesters- but only the chewy/nutty/hard-centred Quality Street. l could lower a basket on a rope from over my balcony for some nutty toffees!


or they could be lowered into ur walker or trolley thing…(feeble attempt to keep thread on track lol)

ellie x

ps frances-i know a secret re maltesers-will email u!

F,nutty somehow sounds very appropriate,and I’m perturbed by no letter box…Stops junk mail though? E, that’s a bit naughty,and now everybody is curious.

S xx

I see the highjackers have struck… Found the first trolly on ebay cheaper than amazon:

I do not sell anything or advertise for others. Just wanted to put the thread back on track.

Maybe a call to ms society helpline can put you in the right direction in getting one on the nhs? or gp/specialist


That’s really handy for anybody who is looking for a trolley walker,and this post is now top of the board.