Trigeminal neuralgia and diagnosis annoyance.

Went to the gp today as my left leg cramped up so badly today it caused me to just drop to the ground.

Gp said this is a minor relapse of my MS. And has started me on Naproxen (I’ve never been actually told I have MS, was told I might have it back in Feb, but they will do other tests before an offical diagnosis)
GP showed me a letter from my neuro confirming that I have RRMS which was dated 17th April. Nice for someone to send me this letter and let me actually know rather than leaving me wondering for months

Anyway the last few months i’ve been getting excrutiating tooth pain on teeth that have had root canals, mentioned this to the gp and she said it could be possible I have Trigeminal neuralgia.

One tooth in particular is agony today, i’ve been taking regular painkillers but it barely touches it, i’ve been trying to sleep it off most of the day, doesn’t go, i’ve tried ice packs, heat packs, still nothing. The only sort of relief I can find is ice cream, but I can’t spend all day eating that.

Has anybody been through anything similar? Any remedies you could offer me to get some relief from this horrible pain?

Thanks in advance.