Tremor Advice Please

Hi All,

Hope you are having a good Friday...

This may sound like a silly question but I'm wondering what symptoms you experience with tremor.  I had a very bizarre sensation during the week where it felt like a tremor on the inside but not the outside.....if that makes sense.

Am just wondering if anyone can tell me about their symptoms




You are not alone, as well as having a visible tremor, I also have an "inside"

tremor,, bit difficult to describe, but if feels like "butterflies in your tummy" but

all over, if that makes sense.


I have heard that beta blockers can help with a tremor, hope this helps.



Hi all

You may find this post useful on the PPMS forum

Hope you get the info you need


Hi anon, yes I get it too. Awful tremor inside. As Pam says, like butterflies all over on the inside.

Haven't found anything that helps but I'm sure it's an MS thing.

Pat x

hi i get this kind of tremor thought i was alonei told my ms nurse the other week and she said it was stramge but couldnt do anything to help xx your not alone sami