Just a quick question.

Does anybody know somebody who might have a Travelscoot for sale? It’s impossible to buy one in this country as they are imported from Germany and they are expensive.

Was wondering if anybody might have a second hand one for sale? Happy to travel - just not overseas!!


I have one I want to sell - PM me and I’ll let you have my phone number so we can talk about it.


A Travelscoot can be bought from Germany. They take about 5 days to ship over here. Repairs can be done through a good bicycle repair shop.

If you are interested then phone 00-49-89-57951906 or email The cost is about Euro 2,100 + VAT, if you are disabled then this does not need to be paid. I own one and think they are superb but I am nothing to do with the company

Sewingchick - if you still want to sell one I can post an article about it on my website


Thanks Patrick - I’ll see what happens with datingdiva but I may well get back to you on that.

Like Patrick I ordered mine from Germany about 3 years ago. Very speedy delivery no problems. Just as a bit of extra information, we were in Australia at Easter and Qatar airways refus d to let me travel with a lithium ion battery so I couldn’t take my TRAVELSCOOT with me. Instead I hired a Supascoota from a disability equipment shop. Turned out the person who had designed it owned the shop. It is very similar to the TRAVELSCOOT in terms of weight and practicality but more stable than a travelscoot for people who are looking for a bit more of that. Absolutely loved it. They have a UK website and several physical shops stock it. Including one in Scotland. Definitely something to consider. Seat lifts off then it folds flat and is very light and easy to lift into a car boot. Still love my travelscoot but if I keep getting worse I would move to a Supascoota.

Hi, I’m looking to buy a Travelscoot or a DiBlasi Scooter. Wondering which is best for a bit of off-roading i.e. going on grass instead of just paths and if anyone has one for sale? Thanks for reading.